Our School and Family Development Officer

Meet our School and Family Development Officer


My name is Tara, and I am your School and Family Development Worker here at St Marys Primary School.

What is a School and Family Development Worker? - well it is a role in which I wear many different hats from supporting your children 1-1 to talk about their wellbeing to helping our school connect with the local community such as the Christmas light night. I can support families in many ways by listening and being there for you or referring to outside agencies which can help you with your situations.

A little about me- I moved back to Angus recently from West Lothian where I spent many years working in the same role but in high schools I am also trained as a counsellor, I have worked in the social care field all my adult life, so I know a lot about Care, Health and Wellbeing and Crisis Intervention. I have 3 children, one of which is all grown up and has flown the coop, so I have been there seen it and done it all through my own experiences as a parent.

Enough of blowing my own trumpet…

I am here for you as a family, I am here for your children, I am here to help support the relationship between the local community and school and I am here for St Marys to make it a better place and help us all be the best we can be!

To get in touch with me you can call the school office or message me on seesaw.

Tara Godfrey