A Typical Day in the Nursery

Here is what a typical day in our nursery looks like!

A typical nursery day:

St Mary’s Nursery is a term time nursery, we will be open and closed alongside the school holidays. 

We operate a free-flow buffet style snack, where children can choose when suits them to take a break in their play for snack.   We follow the Scottish national guidance and food standards for Early Years, known as “Setting the Table”  for both our snack and lunch provision.  This includes accessibility to fresh drinking water at all times, and healthy fruit and vegetables every day.

Lunch is held in two sittings,  11.40am and 12.20pm. Your child will have their lunch with their own group and keyworker, creating a relaxed, social,  ‘family style’ experience.  Children are given two options for lunch.  There are vegetarian options daily.  The children will be provided a two course lunch, soup and a main meal or a main meal and a pudding.  We do encourage healthy eating and for children to try their meals.  No child will go hungry, there is always fruit available to children.  You can provide your child with a pack lunch, this has to be a healthy lunch.  We follow Dundee City Councils guidance on lunches, please ask for further details.  Can we ask that NO nuts, chocolate, sweets or fizzy juice/juice are included in the pack lunch. 

The children will be involved in groups throughout the week where their key workers and staff can extend the children’s learning further.  We also involved the children in regular one to ones for individual support.