Digital Schools Award

We have now achieved our Digital Schools Award!

This award shows that we are a school who integrate digital technology into our learning and teaching!

The validator for this award wrote:

"St Mary's Primary School demonstrates a strong commitment to developing the use of digital learning and technologies to support and enhance learning experiences for all its pupils. It's quite clear that the school has established digital learning successfully as a natural element across their school community, with a clear, strong desire to continue developing the range and quality of digital experiences.

Staff talked confidently, and with enthusiasm, about how and where they were using digital technologies to improve learning and to assist them in their planning and tracking of activities and learner progress. They highlighted the benefits they were noting in the ways their increased use of digital was helping the pupils to connect with organisations and individuals in ways that broaden and enhanced learning. Pupils explained confidently, eloquently and enthusiastically about how they were making use of digital in their daily tasks, and enjoying sharing their skills with others.

The school's digital learning leader provides strong support for the school's self-evaluation and professional learning processes which were enabling the digital development programme to be well targeted and make good progress. It is clear there are structures in place for the school to communicate with parents/carers about digital and other skills their children are developing, and opportunities are provided for parents/carers to engage digitally with the school and teachers.

St Mary's Primary School is clearly committed to embedding digital technologies and ensuring continuous improvement. I believe that St Mary's Primary School has met the criteria for the Digital Schools Award."

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